Grand Chapter 2018


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If you have any questions, please contact our Grand Secretary, Connie Harris

Registration and Tentative Schedule

Oregon Grand Chapter Registration

Tentative Schedule for Oregon Grand Chapter

Preparing for our Session

Many Hands Make Light Work

Delegate Bags 2018

Ways to help with at Grand Chapter

An Invitation to Decorate

Assistant Grand Warders and Sentinels

Grand Choir

Distinguished Guests

Distinguished Guest Letter - To be Linked


  1. Housing Information - Updated 3/3/18

  2. Housing Rates

  3. RV Parking Information


Banquet Order Form

All Membership Flyer 2018

50 year membership luncheon - To be Linked

Willamette Valley, Pacific Coat & Southern Oregon Association Lunch


  1. Silent Auction Information

  2. General Fund Dinner

  3. Cancer Research Luminary Bags 2018

  4. Willamette Valley, Pacific Coast & Southern Oregon Associations Lunch

  5. Sparkler’s Breakfast

  6. Invitation to the Grand Installation - To be Linked

  7. Jewelry Booth - To be Linked

  8. Second Hand Rose Dress Sale - To be Linked

Legislation, Resolutions and Budgets

Letter Accompanying Legislation

Legislation Chart

Proposed Legislation


Grand Chapter Budget

Nominations and Letters of Intent

Associate Grand Conductress - Charlene Cochran

Associate Grand Conductress - Laura Frye

Grand Sentinel - Martin Anderson

Nominations letter for Elected Standing Committees

Flowers, Yearbook and Love Notes

Flower Booth - To be Linked

Yearbook Order Forms

Love Note Order Forms