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Cancer Research

  1. The Cancer committee raises funds all of which are directly donated to the OHSU Cancer Research Account and Drs. Rodney and SueEllen Pommier to assist in their research. Money Raising Projects include: selling greetings cards, community dinners, selling chances on homemade items, and many more creative ideas.

FAITH - Fraternal Activities in the Home

     Faith Birthdays

        Plans and oversee the Monthly Birthdays for our life care members.

    Faith Special Activities

        Plans and oversees the special activities for our life care members. These include shopping trips and trips to the coast.


    Researches and reports on the history of the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron’s Chapters and their OES career

Home Endowment


    Contracts and arranges housing for the Grand Chapter Session  

Oregon OES News and Eastern Star Journal

  1. The Worthy Grand Matron will appoint an Oregon OES News Committee consisting of one editor, one subscription chairman and committee members. This quarterly publication contains news articles of interest to O.E.S. members and subscribers.

  2. The Editor shall be responsible for receiving, writing and publishing the Oregon OES News.

  3. The Subscription Chairman will be responsible for receiving subscriptions, accounting for the funds generated by the subscriptions, the distribution of the publication and submission of an annual financial report.

  4. The subscription and advertisement funds must cover the total cost of the publication.

  5. The Worthy Grand Matron will appoint a committee member from each of the committee districts; to solicit and forward to the editor, articles, advertisements, announcements, quarterly calendar information, photographs and other pertinent materials from the chapters, associations, groups and individuals.

Page Captain(s)

    Creates and coordinates the various addendum's and entertainment used in the Grand Chapter Session and coordinates the Pages and Ushers. These positions are appointed by the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron

Session Coordinators

    The overseer(s) of all the set up and details that makes the Grand Session happen

Special Projects

    Speaks on behalf and raises money for the various special projects of the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron which include ALS and

    Heart Fund

Unfinished Business

    It shall be the duty of the Committee on Unfinished Business to examine the minutes and printed proceedings of the preceding Annual

    Communication and report all matters pending or not determined.


    Design and publish an Annual philanthropic souvenir book of Grand Chapter members, Chapters and take submissions and orders for the book

Youth and Membership Committee

Website Development Coordinator

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