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For Members to earn the Proficiency Card and Pin, the complete test must be done at one time; and all members must be tested individually.

To be given by members, word perfect:

  1. 1.The Secret Work given by the Conductress at the Altar when she picks up the Bible, starting with “Both hands....”

  2. 2.The Obligation.

  3. 3.The Signs and Passes of each Degree.

  4. 4.Number 17 in the Secret Work.

  5. 5.The Salutation Sign and Response. (Begin with “There is one other sign . . .” Ritual, page 83. & Number 18 in Secret Work)

  6. 6.The Grip of the Order.

To be given by members, in order, but not necessarily word perfect:

    7.    Landmarks 1 thru 7. (Ritual, pages 162 and 163)

Chapter Members may give their Proficiency to:

  1. 1.   Two members of their chapter Proficiency Committee who earned a Card on or after July 2016. TWO Proficiency Committee                 Members must listen to the work at the same time, and both must sign the Card to be mailed. Plural members need to have all Oregon chapters listed on their Cards. Cards are to be sent to the Grand Lecturer. OR,

  2. 2.   Chapter Members may give their Proficiency to: The Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron, Associate Grand Matron, Associate Grand Patron, Grand Lecturer, Grand Conductress, Associate Grand Conductress, or the Grand Sentinel.
    (Cards and pins may be issued immediately by these Grand Officers.)
    Please direct all questions concerning the Proficiency Test and Awards to the Grand Lecturer.

Five elected officers, including two of the top four line of Officers, and three officers/members must have a Card valid through June 2017 to be eligible to receive the Proficiency Award. Cards are valid two (2) years from the date of issue.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in Oregon Proficiency Awards will be given for chapters who have the most members obtaining a Proficiency card. All must have a Card valid through June 2017. The majority of members must be of Officers, including six of the Elected Line Officers. Cards are valid two (2) years from the date of issue. You must have at least 7 members attend a Regional School of instruction.