1 HANDS - Wash them often

2 ELBOW - Cough into it

3 FACE - Don't touch it

4 FEET - Stay more than 3ft apart

5 FEEL - Sick? Stay home

Center for Disease Control 

Website for more info. 

COVID-19 Information, Updates & Cancellations

8/13/2020 WGM Meetings update:  Info Here

COVID-19 Chapter Meeting Restrictions  Info Here

7/27/2020 MWGM & MWGP Communication  Info Here


5/23/20 WGM Subordinate Chapters meetings Info Here

6/16/2020 MWGM & MWGP Communication  Info Here

5/4/2020 WGM Edict  Info Here

6/1/2020 MWGM & MWGP Communication  Info Here

4/13/2020 WGM & WGP 

2020 Grand Chapter Cancellation  Info Here

5/8/2020 MWGM & MWGP 

Corona Virus Communication   Info Here

4/8/2020 MWGM & MWGP Communication  Info Here

4/7/2020 MWGM & MWGP Communications  Info Here

4/20/2020 MWGM & MWGP 

Corona Virus Communication  Info Here

3/16 WGM & WGP COVID-19 Updates Info Here

4/6 MWGM & MWGP Communications  Info Here

3/14 MWGM & MWGP Corona Virus Letter  Here

4/1 WGM & WGP Update  Info Here

3/13 Oregon WGM & WGP Letter COVID 19   Here 

3/26 WGM & WGP Update  Info Here

3/13 Oregon Grand Lodge Letter  COVID 19 Here

3/19 MWGM Concerning Grand Chapters Letter   Here

Other Jurisdictions

9/4/2020 United Grand Chapter of Australia  Info Here

8/2/2020 Grand Chapter of Rhode Island  Info Here

8/2/2020 Grand Chapter of Oklahoma  Info Here

7/27/2020 Grand Chapter of Washington DC  Info Here

6/24/2020 Grand Chapter of Vermont  Info Here

7/3/2020 Grand Chapter of Missouri  Info Here

6/22/2020 Grand Chapter of Arkansas  Info Here

6/30/2020 Grand Chapter of Montana  Info Here

6/16/2020 Grand Chapter of California  Info Here

6/20/2020 Grand Chapter of New Mexico  Info Here

6/9/2020 Grand Chapter of  North Dakota  Info Here

6/10/2020 Grand Chapter of Texas  Info Here

6/3/2020 Grand Chapter of  Maryland  Info Here

6/9/2020 Grand Chapter of  South Dakota  Info Here

6/1/2020 Grand Chapter of  Québec  info here

6/1/2020 Grand Chapter of  Indiana  info here

5/24/2020 Grand Chapter of  Nevada  Info Here

5/24/2020 Grand Chapter of  Iowa  Info Here

5/21/2020 Grand Chapter of West Virginia  Info Here

5/22/2020 Grand Chapter of Louisiana  info here

5/21/2020 Grand Chapter of Michigan  Info Here

5/22/2020 Grand Chapter of Colorado   Info Here 

5/15/2020 Grand Chapter of Ontario   Info Here

5/22/2020 Grand Chapter of Delaware  Info Here 

5/14/2020 Grand Chapter of Wisconsin   Info Here

5/15/2020 Grand Chapter of New Hampshire  Info Here

5/13/2020 Grand Chapter of Maine   Info Here

5/14/2020 Grand Chapter of Kentucky   Info Here

5/8/2020 Grand Chapter of Wyoming   Info Here

5/12/2020 Grand Chapter of Massachusetts  Info Here

4/30/2020 Grand Chapter of Florida   Info Here

5/6/2020 Grand Chapter of New Jersey   Info Here

4/24/2020 Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia & 

Prince Edward Island  Info Here

5/1/2020 Grand Chapter of Idaho   Info Here

4/18/2020 Grand Chapter of 

British Columbia & Yukon Reschedule  Info Here

4/24/2020 Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania  Info Here

4/17/2020 Grand Chapter of South Carolina   Info Here

4/21/2020 Grand Chapter of Georgia  Info Here

4/1/2020 Grand Chapter of Alberta  Info Here

4/20/2020 Grand Chapter of Washington  Info Here

4/1/2020 Grand Chapter of North Carolina  Info Here

4/20/2020 Grand Chapter of New Brunswick  Info Here

3/18/2020 Grand Chapter of Minnesota   Info Here

4/7/2020 Grand Chapter of Tennessee   Info Here

3/26/2020 Grand Chapter of Nebraska   Info Here

3/27/2020 Grand Chapter of Saskatchewan  Info Here

3/14 Connecticut Grand Chapter Cancellation   Here