Regional Schools

Regional Schools of Instruction 2018-2019

Dear Oregon Chapters,


Proficiency in our ritual work is one of our goals this year.  Our instructional approach to meeting our goal will be threefold: 1) instruction by a Grand Line Officer at each chapter; 2) working with instructional/proficiency committees; and 3) continuing Regional Schools of Instruction.  Please note there are 4 scheduled Regional Schools of Instruction and one Grand Initiation.  As not everyone learns in the same manner, the Regional Schools will be more hands on and will include a Table Chapter program while the Grand Initiation will be a demonstration for initiating a large class of candidates. Please plan to attend the one that best fits your schedule and/or learning style.  


August 18, 2018            Esther Chapter                        10 am

September 15, 2018        Mt Scott Chapter                        10 am

September 29, 2018        Josephine Chapter                    9 am

October 6, 2018            Salem Scottish Rite                    10 am

October 21, 2018            Corvallis Lodge, Grand Initiation        1 pm


There will be a sign in book at the 5 events listed above for each member to record their attendance.  There will be a page for each chapter, so the members will need to make sure and record their attendance for each chapter to which they belong.


Our ritual is the thread that binds us to the past and to the future. It is our heritage. Ritual proficiency demonstrates we care enough for our traditions that we stand before a candidate and our peers and perform our work with pride and excellence. Remember the future of Eastern Star in Oregon, to a large degree, depends on what we as Star Members do and the way we do it. As we are mediocre or exceptional, so will those who come after us be mediocre or exceptional.   Yes, ritual proficiency is important.


See you on the trail,           


Melissa Metz                            John Thomas

Worthy Grand Matron                    Worthy Grand Patron