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Doric Chapter #53 hosted at Shore Acres 2022. Volunteers: Cary Pugh, Georgia Bauman, Robyn Wigger, Dana Hopkins, Francine Kelsay, Kristy Kelsay, Lola Lathrom, Lori Cubbage, Cathy Beach, Lori ann Lathrom.

Flag Tribute 2022

As read by Stephen Barkley, WGP

Grand Chapter of Oregon 2022

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May 22, 2022

Meridian Chapter #179 

Presenting Sister Rosella her 75 year pin

April, Peggy and via FaceTime the 

WGM Gleda from Indiana

Presented Rosella her 75 year pin and a colorful bouquet of flowers.

February 8, 2020

Doric Chapter #53 

Volunteering at the Red Cross of Constantine Luncheon

Keryn Frazell, C.B. Brooks, Dana Hopkins, Maryon Brooks,

Nancylee Stewart, Cary Pugh, Carol Haug, Lola Lathrom, Lori cubbage

August 7, 2021 Doric Chapter #53 

Doric Chapter #53 hosting the

Coos River School Reunion

Doric Chapter #53 volunteers:

Cary Pugh - Georgia Bauman

Nancylee Stewart - Keryn Frazell - Carol Haug

Lori Cubbage - Charles Cubbage - C.B. Brooks - Dana Hopkins

August 28, 2021 Doric Chapter #53 

Oregon OES Nata Day

Doric Chapter hosting Natal Day August 28, 2021 

at the North Bend Masonic Center in Coos Bay, OR. 

Martha Chapter #48 was there helping.

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