2023-2024 Oregon Grand Family

Stephanie Beall

Worthy Grand Matron

Dick Varner

Worthy Grand Patron

Lannie Strong

Associate Grand Matron

Tracy Harris

Associate Grand Patron

Mary Duncan

Grand Secretary

Shari Durgan

Grand Treasurer

Nacy Pugsley

Grand Conductress

Kim Avery

Associate Grand Conductress

Sue Mills, PGM

Grand Lecturer

Dean Young

Grand Chaplain

Marissa Charlesworth

Grand Marshal

Rhonda Graves

Grand Organist

Erin Nemish

Grand Adah

Teri Garlock

Grand Ruth

Tanya Cochran

Grand Esther

Nancylee Stewart

Grand Martha

Hazel Griffith

Grand Electa

John Heddle

Grand Warder

Cleve Rolfe

Grand Sentinel

2023-2024 Natures Wonders Grand Family

WGM: Stephanie Beall

WGP: Dick Varner

Grand Session: “Getting Back to Our Roots”

Grand Year Symbol: Tree    

Motto:  Getting back to our roots to strengthen our OES family tree

WGM Flowers: Pink Dogwood

WGP Flowers: White Rose

Colors: Green, Purple, White

WGM Scripture: Psalm 96:11 - 12

WGP Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Fun Symbols:

WGM: Otters

WGP: Mule Deer (buck)

WGM Songs: Dear Hearts and Gentle People

WGP Songs: Turn! Turn! Turn!  (The Byrds)

WGM’s & WGP’s Projects: 

Paws Assisting Veterans (PAVE)

Cancer Research

- - -