2022-2023 Oregon Grand Family

Worthy Grand Matron

Worthy Grand Matron

Laura Frye

Worthy Grand Patron

Stephen Barkley

Associate Grand Matron

Stephanie Beall

Associate Grand Patron

Dick Varner

Grand Secretary

Mary Duncan

Grand Treasurer

Shari Durgan

Grand Conductress

Lanni Strong

Associate Grand Conductress

Nancy Pugsley

Grand Chaplain

Armond Anderson

Grand Lecturer

Anna Barclay

Grand Marshal

Laurie Rhoads

Grand Organist

Phyllis Woods

Grand Adah

Amy Determan

Grand Ruth

Donna Modar

Grand Electa

Jenni Depee

Grand Martha

Sue Anderson

Grand Electa

Jodi Withers

Grand Warder

Cathy Cleveland

Grand Sentinel

Tracy Harris

Grand Family & Escorts

2022-2023 Laughing Apples Family

WGM: Laura Frye

WGP: Stephen Barkley

Grand Session: “The Harvest”

Motto: May the gift of God's Bounty fill our souls and strengthen us in our work.

WGM Flowers: Sunflowers

WGP Flowers: Yellow Roses, Lilac

Colors: Red & Blue

WGM Scripture: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own - Matthew 6:34

WGP Scripture: May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed - Psalm 20:4

Fun Symbols:

WGM: Apples, Baskets

WGP: Life rings, Lifesavers Candy

WGM Songs: Drift Away - Dolby Gray ~ Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks

WGP Songs: Roll Me Away - Bob Seger ~ Cool Change - Little River Band ~ Southern Cross - Crosby Stills & Nash

WGM’s & WGP’s Project:

Paws Assisting Veterans (PAVE)

Cancer Research

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