Announcements & Events

Chapter Announcements & Events

July 10 “Finding the Path Forward” OES Marketing Seminar  Info Here

July 10 Mt. Scott #110 Installation of Officers  Info Here

July 21 Maple Chapter #95 Installation of Officers  Info Here

July 25 All Masonic Picnic!  Info Here

August 28 OES Natal Day at Doric Chapter #53  Info Here

50th Triennial Assembly 2021 Information is (This is a .Zip file of PDF’s)  Download here

New!!! The Eastern Star Journal Subscription Form.   Download Here!

 50th Triennial Assembly Live Stream Event Info here

Youth Group Events

2021 Rainbow Girls Grand Assembly  Info Here

Jobs Daughters Fundraiser Info Here

New Grand Representative Appointments!! Congratulations to all! 

Sister Patti Cunningham

G.R. of Minnesota

Sister Phyllis Brewington

G.R. of Kentucky

Pat Stapleton

G.R. of Connecticut

Carolyn Haney

G.R. of Idaho

Bill Motta

G.R. of New York

Onetta Munkres

G.R. of Quebec

MaryAnn Rhoads

G.R. of Wisconsin

Gay Kennedy

G.R. of Maine

Sister Nancy Babcock Smith

G.R. of Texas

Shelley Minami

G.R. of Kansas

Florence Roark

G.R. of Bolivia

Emma Combe

G.R. of North Carolina

Sister Bonnie Hambleton

G.R. of Maryland

Don Judon

G.R. of Michigan

Sharon Cooke

G.R. of Montana

Darla Wilson

G.R. of Utah

Sister Sharon Leedham

G.R. of Illinois

Linda Jean Bird

G.R. of Mississippi

Dora Daniels

G.R. of Tennessee

Holly Austin

G.R. of Washington

Sister Karen Rasmussen

G.R. of BC & Yukon

Casi Lee

G.R. of New Hampshire

Pam Heimuller

G.R. of Vermont

General Grand Chapter - in Memoriam

Harles Creech PMWGP - Memoriam

Paula Argus RWGT - Memoriam

Rennie Ofton PMWGM - Memoriam

Nancy Evans, PGM Nevada - Memoriam

Elena Sipp, PGM - Memoriam

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