Announcements & Events

New Grand Representative Appointments!!


Sister Patti Cunningham

G.R. of Minnesota in Oregon 

Cottage Grove #4


Sister Phyllis Brewington

G.R. of Kentucky in Oregon 

Friendship Rose #148


Sister Sharon Leedham

G.R. of Illinois in Oregon 

Aloha # 5


Sister Bonnie Hambleton

G.R. of Maryland in Oregon 

Tigard Orenomah #174

Chapter Announcements & Events

2020 FAITH Donation Requests  Info Here

50th Triennial Assembly 2021 Information is (This is a .Zip file of PDF’s)  Download here

9/13/2020 Benevolent Fund Board Appointment filled. Info here

Urgent: FAITH Donation Request Info here

Perry Belmont House Foundation  Info Here

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Youth Group  Events

2020 Job’s Daughters Grand Bethel Officers  Info Here