Announcements & Events

Chapter Announcements & Events

2/8  Barzillai Chapter #16 Honoring the Workabees! Info Here 

2/25  Alpine Chapter #82 Family Night 7:30 PM Info Here

1/22 Victoria Chapter Soup for Cancer Fundraiser   Info Here

1/24  Naomi Chapter #22 Annual Stew & Biscuits Luncheon.  Info Here

1/26 5th Annual Joint Youth Scholarship Dinner & Silent Auction Info Here

1/18 PDX Winterhawks Masonic Youth Promotion:  Info Here

1/26 Michael Allen Harrison Concert for Cancer Research Info Here

Youth Group  Events

1/8 Portland Winter Hawks Hockey Masonic Youth Fundraiser! Info Here

        *$5 of every ticket purchased through this link will be donated back.

3/26 Job’s Daughters Pendleton Bag Fund Raiser. Info Here

Special Events

2020 Doggie Cruise! PDF info is,   Here

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