Our order supports several charitable causes including Cancer Research, Service Dogs, ESTARL scholarships, Masonic youth organizations, and special projects of the 

General Grand Chapter’s Most Worthy Grand Matron.

Below is a recap of our charitable giving for 2019-2021

 and more information on those charities we are focusing on this year. 


The Grand Chapter also supports our state masonic youth organizations, the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, Jobs Daughters International and DeMolay. Check out our youth groups on their pages here.

Please make checks in support of our charitable projects out to the Grand Chapter of Oregon.

These Numbers are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Current Fundraising Totals July 2020 - March 2021



Cancer Research



ESTARL: $250.00

DMD Scholarship Endowment: $345.00

Special Projects Group

ALS: $25

Shrine Patient Transportation: $280.00

Heart Fund Contributions: $1950.50

Alzheimer’s Research: $120.00

Oregon Disaster Relief: $250.00

Masonic Aid

Home Endowment: $85.00

Home Maintenance $20.00

MESH Outreach: $67.00


Christmas Donations: $1,229.52

Other: $540.60


International Headquarters Fund: $20.00

Benevolent Fund: $100.00

Youth Awareness & Fund Raising: $362.50

- - -